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Drug Rehab Centers near zipcode 33407

0.10 mi. Ambrosia Treatment Center
Recovery starts here…

West Palm Beach, FL 33407
With five JCAHO-accredited facilities, Ambrosia Treatment Center has helped over 10,000 people recover from alcohol and other drugs.
Ambrosia Treatment Center<br>Recovery starts here…
3.89 mi. The Palm Beach Institute
Dan Dowdle

West Palm Beach, FL 33401
As the premier Florida-based substance abuse facility, we are able to offer a full range of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services for those that need help.
The Palm Beach Institute<br>Dan Dowdle
7.25 mi. Future Now Detox
Drug and Alcohol detox center

West Palm Beach, FL 33406
Future Now is an inpatient medically supervised 24/7 detoxification center located in Palm Beach, Florida. Our experienced, passionate staff specialize in providing holistic, personalized care in helping patients detox from drug and alcohol addiction.
Future Now Detox<br>Drug and Alcohol detox center
7.64 mi. Family First Adolescent Services
A balance of treatment, education & accountability.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
Residential Inpatient, Intensive Outreatment Program For Boys, Intensive Outreatment Program For Boys, Family Programming
Family First Adolescent Services<br>A balance of treatment, education & accountability.
11.90 mi. The Recovery Village Palm Beach at Baptist Health
The Recovery Village

Lake Worth, FL 33463
Drug Rehab Center
The Recovery Village Palm Beach at Baptist Health<br> The Recovery Village
12.01 mi. Holistix Treatment Centers
Holistic Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Lake Worth, FL 33467
We offer quality, effective addiction treatment to individuals who want to overcome their addiction to alcohol and other drugs.
Holistix Treatment Centers<br>Holistic Drug & Alcohol Rehab
16.37 mi. Spiritual Growth Therapy Holistic Outpatient Center
A New Way Of Thinking For People Seeking Help

Boynton Beach, FL 33435
therapy, family therapy, drug therapy, trauma therapy, couples therapy
Spiritual Growth Therapy Holistic Outpatient Center<br>A New Way Of Thinking For People Seeking Help
16.37 mi. New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Boynton Beach, FL 33435
Drug Rehab Center
New Perspectives<br>New Perspectives
16.87 mi. All in Solutions Counseling Center
Luke Peck

Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Drug Rehab Center
16.87 mi. Advocate My Meds
prescription drug discount card

Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Advocate My Meds is a full-service prescription assistance organization and we are dedicated to helping you finance the medications you need.
Advocate My Meds<br>prescription drug discount card
16.87 mi. Lighthouse Recovery Institute
A Florida Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Drug and Alchohol Rehab
Lighthouse Recovery Institute<br>A Florida Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center
26.03 mi. Awakenings for Women
Laura Judge

Boca Raton , FL 33431
Drug Rehab Center
Awakenings for Women <br>Laura  Judge

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Addiction intervention
There may be a person whom you love very much being addicted to the drugs or alcohol. You may want to make him aware of the side effects and drag the person to the professional addiction treatment. ...
Drug Addiction Treatments
The problem of drug addiction is a great menace in this society. Many steps are been undertaken by the government to overcome it....
Sober living environment
Sober living environments are the facilities which are provided to the addicts which are getting rid of their addiction which is the environment between the rehab and their normal lives....
Relapse Prevention
There are many people who are addicted to drugs and many other things. These people after getting the rehab treatment and all the necessary rehab programs lead a life of sobriety....
Coerced Abstinence
Coerced abstinence, an important drug rehabilitation program proved fruitful to chronic drug users as implementation of this program posses ability to reduce relapse rates among these drugs users....

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