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Addiction intervention

There may be a person whom you love very much being addicted to the drugs or alcohol. You may want to make him aware of the side effects and drag the person to the professional addiction treatment. Thus addiction intervention is a pre-planned attempt by one or many people to get the addict to seek professional addiction treatment enter a drug rehab, alcohol rehabilitation , eating disorder, mental health, or dual-diagnosis treatment center.  Addiction intervention is mostly conducted by the family members and other close friends. They take this step when the other steps to help the addict get free from the addiction have proved futile. Addiction intervention is of mostly two types- informal and formal.

Informal Intervention

In informal intervention you will go for a conversation between you and the person you are worried about. You with your words try to convince the person to go for a qualified addiction treatment. The informal intervention takes place when you are concerned about the person who is addict and you want that some other person do not interfere in the matters as it may lead to an undesired tension to addict.  The informal intervention is the best ways for the friends and coworkers to help them get rid of the addiction by discussing the matters privately without the involvement of the other person.  5the informal intervention has a positive effect on the person if it is well planned and conducted properly in a comfortable environment when the addict is calm and sober. As you will privately discuss the matter with person he will not feel embarrassed. Hence it is a good way to convince the addict.

Tips for an informal intervention

   *firstly collect all the facts about addiction and alcoholism.
   * Before going for the intervention talk to someone about your concerns.

   * Choose the right place and time.

   *The plan your discussion and prepares yourself mentally.

   *Make the addict feel that you respect him and you are concerned about him.

   *Then provide suitable examples showing how addiction has affected the life of the addict.

   *Then offer your help to make the addict get the suitable treatment.


Formal Intervention

The formal intervention includes the intervention process done by a trained professional interventionist. The interventionist acts as a mediator and facilitator.  He assists a structured, pre-planned conversation between the support group and the addicted person during the intervention. In this a group of people are brought together to make the addict feel that who his addiction has affected all their lives. This is taken as the last step when all the steps prove futile and the addict has refused to get the help. In this the person who is addicted is convinced to get the addiction treatment program immediately. 

It is used to make the person know about various personal problems such as drug abuse, alcoholism, compulsive eating and other eating disorders, sex addiction, self-mutilation, "work holism", tobacco smoking, depression, and many other types of mental health issues.  I9t is also used for other personal problems which are not considered harmful such as video game addiction, excessive television viewing, and excessive internet use.

Formal intervention includes either direct treatment or indirect treatment. The direct treatment involves direct confrontation with the addict. While the indirect treatment involves working with the dependent family member so that addicted individual can be educated more effectively. The direct system is a sort of short term therapy mainly aimed cat directing the addicted individual to the drug rehab while the indirect system is a long term therapy aimed at changing the co dependent family system.

The 7ultimate aim of direct formal intervention is to convince the individual to get the immediate help but not just promising to stop.  For this addict must be forced to accept the treatment by providing the ultimatums of the consequences which will be imposed on them if they refuse to get the treatment. Hence professional interventionist should be given the job.

Tips for a formal intervention

 The main goal of formal intervention is to force the addict to get the immediate help.
    * Firstly find out a professional who would help in working out the plan.

Then prepare a group of people that are most concerned about the person.

    * Then prepare a thorough plan about who will be saying what. 
    * Undertake as many rehearsals as you can so that the plan could be worked out in a constructive way
    * Make the person feel that you are worried about him because of the consequences.

    * Plan for all the arrangements so that person could start the treatment immediately.
  * Take knowledge of the entire treatment centre and the insurance details.
    * Get a commitment from the person that they're willing to get help and get them there immediately.

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